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Milk cooling tanks for dairy farms

Maintaining milk quality in an intuitive way with a minimum of cost, that is your concern and our mission. Fullwood Packo offers a complete range of horizontal and vertical milk cooling tanks for cooling and storing fresh milk on dairy farms. All milk cooling tanks have been expertly designed thanks to more than 50 years of know-how and understanding of the sector, and meet all the needs of dairy farmers, processors and governments.    

Advantages of Fullwood Packo milk cooling tanks:

  • Perfect cleaning of your tank after each pick-up thanks to Twin-Jet high pressure cleaning
  • Ice water options for premium cooling
  • EcoCool and EcoWash technology reduce your energy and water bills
  • Intuitive and intelligent iControl with touchscreen full of smart cooling and cleaning options
  • Sleek and robust design based on more than 50 years of experience    

Range: Horizontal tanks from 2,600 litres to 40,000 litres

Cooling of animal blood

During the slaughtering of the animals, the blood should be collected, cooled and stored.
Packo offers a range of horizontal and vertical blood cooling tanks for the cooling and storage of consumption and waste blood.

Range: volumes up to 50.000 Litres

Cooling of liquid eggs

Packo has an extensive range of horizontal and vertical tanks for the cooling and storage of liquid eggs. Complete egg, egg yolk or egg white can be brought to the correct temperature in a quality way.  

Range: volumes up to 50.000 litres